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OK this is me lol! . I am 34 years old swedish (boy). My work is driving a bus all day long Razz . My hobbie is as you can see AA and in summer Golf my hcp is 3.3. In winter time i am hunting. Have done so for many years. This is just a test of this page and you can all tell me what else to add or remove from this page Cool . I have been driving for 10 years. i have don 1 year militari service as a k9 soldier.(Dogs). I have 1 brother and are married to Åsa my wife for 6 years. The only troubble is she don´t wants me at the computer that much he he. One of my frends is The Grinch hows living not far from me (15 min by car). In my youth i was skiing a lot all over sweden Very Happy . But i had to quit, my foot went south. I had to do some operation and never came back again. After 17 years it still is not good lol.


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