mine info!

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mine info!

Post  =NFT=SnowFlake(NOR) on Fri Sep 21, 2007 12:46 pm

ok hi i am 30 years old born from bergen..
i have 2 sisters they are older then me.
i am now togetter with my wife almost 2 years now and itts super.
i have mine own company (transport) 3 trucks 2 small trucks and one scania 480 hp.
mine sport!!.....no sports now..but i have done 6 years kickboxing 4 years fotball 1 year golf(bad ide looking 2 much on the womans):-P....and 5 years dancing.
i have served the army in norway for 6 years in bergen.
rank: leutenant
work:first truckdriver...last 1 year recon/explosive.
country,s: former yougoslavia 10 months.
libia: 2 months

thanks all for reading.

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